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Working Capital to Give a Superior in Your Company

We are a Multi-Connected Fund to the Global Market. We oer our National and International Investors the best returns on investments resulting from our Working Capital product that we operate in Brazil. From a broad area of activity, we also act as a "radar", detecting good business, creating a diversity of investment options, representing the interest of International Investors in the country, as well as making the interface of these investors with Brazilian entrepreneurs in development , in the acquisition or structuring of Joint Ventures and other business partnerships, attracting international investments to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. As well as that of Brazilian entrepreneurs and investors with an interest in the internationalization of their businesses, promoting Brazilian products and services abroad with the connection of investment funds.

We oer immediate liquidity to the ceding company. Reduction of the financial cycle with longer term of payment to suppliers. Reduction of bank dependence on short-term financing. Speed and flexibility in all operations. Improvement in the structure of the transferor's balance sheet. Reduction of the impact of tax burden, with exemption from IOF. Access to the capital market through one of the largest Brazilian FIDCs. FIDC focused on long-term relationship / partnership. Fully computerized systems for disbursement, monitoring and total control of receivables.

Upper Capital Investment Fund

We act as a credit enhancing agent for domestic companies, oering discounts from receivables to originators, such as duplicates or checks, generated through commercial sales between companies, transforming into working capital with security in their administration of their accounts payable, with higher limits and longer deadlines.


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